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Geoff Davis TIME SPECTRUM now on fxhash 2.0

Metavista music – on Bandcamp, Spotify, all others

Synth music by Patryk Jaworski and Geoff Davis. Some of this has been used with video art now on

Metavista on Bandcamp


info AT storysoftware DOT org


AI Creative Writing Anthology edited by Geoff Davis is now published by Leopard Print Publishing.

AI Anthology Geoff Davis
AI Anthology Geoff Davis

See the book on

See the book on

See the book on GOODREADS

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Ivy Ngeow

The American Boyfriend – 2023

Read more about Ivy’s new novel The Amercian Boyfriend out on Penguin, summer 2023.

White Crane Strikes – 2022

White Crane Strikes Ivy Ngeow 2022

White Crane Strikes Ivy Ngeow 2022New novel from Ivy Ngeow – WHITE CRANE STRIKES – please see her author site for free books, the novels etc.


Overboard is Ivy Ngeow’s most popular novel, published 2020. Get it from Overboard – Amazon UK or Overboard Amazon USA, or your local retailer.

Overboard Ivy Ngeow novel
Overboard Ivy Ngeow novel



Our first interview is here:

Heart of Glass Ivy Ngeow
Heart of Glass Ivy Ngeow

Interview with Ivy Ngeow about music and writing fiction >

Ivy Ngeow’s second novel ‘Heart of Glass’ is now available from her website Write Ngeow >