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Synth music by Patryk Jaworski and UNOME – album to be released in late 2022.

Short music videos have been released as NFTs, see KnownOrigin


Circular River, Geoff Davis’ new novel, is out this year from Leopard Print Publishing, London.

AI Fiction Anthology edited by Geoff Davis is at the editing stage.

New site soon, to contact use:

info AT storysoftware DOT org

Ivy Ngeow

White Crane Strikes Ivy Ngeow 2022
White Crane Strikes Ivy Ngeow 2022

New novel from Ivy Ngeow – WHITE CRANE STRIKES – please see her author site for free books, the novels etc.


Best seller

Overboard is Ivy Ngeow’s most popular novel, published 2020. Get it from Overboard – Amazon UK or Overboard Amazon USA, or your local retailer.

Overboard Ivy Ngeow novel
Overboard Ivy Ngeow novel



Our first interview is here:

Heart of Glass Ivy Ngeow
Heart of Glass Ivy Ngeow

Interview with Ivy Ngeow about music and writing fiction >

Ivy Ngeow’s second novel ‘Heart of Glass’ is now available from her website Write Ngeow >